Lenses, optical aids, orthokeratology and selection of glasses

Natural vision at all distances. For our clients we recommend only lenses and optical aids of the newest generation, giving the highest comfort while, at the same time, being the safest for users.

In our Center we apply contact lenses of a broad selection of types and powers. We apply soft contact lenses and rigid gas-permeable contact lenses. We select right contacts for each type of defect.

Soft lenses
- daily disposable lenses or extended wear contact lenses: 2-week, monthly, 3-month or yearly lenses;
- corrective, therapeutic, bandage and prosthetic lenses

We apply contact lenses of a broad selection of powers and sizes:
- spherical to +/- 40D
- toric to 8 cyl
- multifocal with 4D add
- coloured and prosthetic (ca. 40 colors and patterns)

Soft contact lenses can be used by school-age children. For such patients we especially recommend daily lenses.

Rigid lenses RGP
- are lenses that allow high oxygen transmission and are individually selected for every patient on the basis of specialist measurements and fitting trial sets.

The lenses, because of their features, can be worn by a few-month children, especially after the procedures of cataract removal.

RGP contact lenses are the solution for Patients:
- with a serious vision defect, especially with astigmatism,
- with an irregular cornea, for example after surgery,
- with corneal disorders, that is keratoconus,
- with complications of soft lenses.

Polish National Health Fund (NFZ)

Since 1 June we are realizing orders for contact lenses refunded by NFZ
In our center we apply and cooperate with the following companies:
Hecht, SwissLens, Aphrodite Med Salutions, Cooper Vision, Johnson&Johnson, Alcon

In our center contact lenses are applied by Ms Anna Murawska, clinical optometrist and contact lens specialist.

Anna Murawska

Has been practicing in optometry clinics in Wrocław for over 10 years, fitting correction eyeglasses and applying traditional and specialist contact lenses.

In 2011 she received Master of Science degree in Clinical Optometry from Salus University, Pennsylvania, USA.
-studies in the field of clinical optometry allowed her to acquire necessary medical knowledge, especially from ophthalmology, and gave her concrete tools for everyday work with Patients; optometrist’s task does not only include precise determination of the vision defect and the choice of correction method, but also detection of other problems with vision and organs of vision disorders as well as the symptoms of diseases all of which allows to quickly refer the patient to the certain specialist for an appropriate treatment.

In 2008 she obtained a diploma in optometry and contactology.

- two-year education program provided her with knowledge and skills concerning both soft and rigid contact lenses.

The knowledge and personal experience of using contact lenses allow her to perfectly understand each Patient!

- In 2003 she graduated from post-graduate studies at Wrocław University of Technology in the field of Refraction of the Eye and Ocular Optics.