Children ophthalmology

Center of Clinical Ophthalmology SPEKTRUM has the most advanced devices designed to aid in diagnosis of eye disorders in children from infancy.


The equipment in doctor’s consultation room allows us to provide also ophthalmology examinations for disabled and patients with limited verbal communication ability.

We have:

  • tests designed for assessing vision functions in infants using preferential looking method in the form of set of gratings developed by Lea Hyvarinen,
  • set of picture tests for the assessment of near vision and distance vision using optotypes developed by Lea Hyvarinen,
  • Retinomax handheld refractor enabling computer-aided assessment of the defect of vision in infants or disabled patients,
  • I-care impression tonometer designed to easily and quickly measure intraocular pressure in patients at every age, including non-compliant patients,
  • binocular indirect ophthalmoscope (so called Fison bulb enabling saving images) which allows for assessment of translucency of the lens in children and examination of the fundus of the eye,
  • devices for strabismus examination: synoptophore, Maddox rod and Maddox wing,
  • tests for the assessment of color and stereoscopic vision in children.



We especially take care of our Young Patients. We have a nice, cozy and safe waiting room for children. They will not be bored in our clinic – on the contrary, they will spend their time in a nice way and have good fun.